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Posted on Saturday July 4, 2020

The 4th of July, most of us enjoy the day as a celebration with family, everything from cookouts to fireworks displays. The holiday this year may be different due to COVID depending on where you are located, but no matter where that is, we want to ensure you have the safest holiday possible. Holidays can be a time for stress for a persons with disabilities. Enjoy the day with these tips for a handicap accessible 4th of July on how to make your Independence Day the best possible.

Schedule Accessible Activities

If you’re planning the party, providing table and counter heights that are accessible for board games and other holiday activities will ensure all guests can participate in the fun. As well as spots that are both accessible and safe for firework viewing (that’s everyone’s part of the 4th, right?). 

Local organizations like your Chamber of Commerce and Convention & Visitors Bureau can help provide you with the closest parade and firework options for you too. Check out Go Great Lakes Bay if you’re located near us in Michigan!

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Show Off Your Holiday Spirit

4th of July table setting with strawberries, festive candles, and sparklers in a blue vase.

Everyone else gets the fun of decorating their homes and wearing red, white and blue. Why not take it one step further and decorate your Amigo? This can be a fun way to show your holiday spirit. The possibilities are endless on your handicap accessible 4th of July, if you choose to do this we’d love to see pictures of your creative celebration!

Create an Accessible Environment 

  1. Ensure your Amigo or Powered Wheelchair battery is charged.
    Keeping Amigo batteries in good working condition is critical to keeping you and your Amigo both on the move and safe.
  2. Create a flat surface.
    Backyards allow room for grilling, relaxing and conversation making them a popular spot for 4th of July festivities. They can also have uneven surfaces for maneuvering on, take your time and ensure your safety when moving spots.
  3. Find out where the fireworks will be.
    As loud noises can be triggering for a person with a disability, check on times for when fireworks are starting and where prior to attending. This will give you or your guests time to prepare as needed prior.
  4. Keep your headphones close.
    Blocking out the noise can help those triggered by the loud sounds of fireworks. Keep your headphones within grabbing distance or keep earplugs handy for your guests.
  5. Have water nearby.
    You should never handle fireworks yourself, there are professionals for a reason! But it is a good idea to keep water near in the instance of a fire.
  6. Plan to be outside…
    If you’re traveling in your Amigo to watch the fireworks, check to see that your venue has wheelchair access ahead of time. Plan to also bring a light jacket to stay warm if needed and water to stay hydrated.

But take the celebration inside if needed.

Thanks to technology, firework displays can be viewed from anywhere now. Including inside the house. So take the party inside if need be and celebrate with holiday themed music, movies, food and more for a handicap accessible 4th of July!

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