Posted on Tuesday October 6, 2020

Are searching for ways to streamline grocery stocking shelves and increase employee efficiency? Amigo Mobility has found an innovative way to meet these needs with narrow and versatile motorized stock carts.

The Amigo Max Pro offers a unique merchandising solution. This motorized platform cart fits between tight aisles, features a zero turn radius and makes transport of heavier items. Moving products like cases of water or soda cans or large boxes, is safer and easier.

One example of where the Max Pro has been transformational is at a Big R store located in Billings, Montana. Employees were struggling to safely and efficiently move 50 pounds bags from storage to the store across the street. With it’s 1,100 lb. weight capacity, programmable speed and custom options, Big R chose to demo the Max Pro.

Grocery stocking with Max Pro at Big R

Grocery stocking that used to take four days to now only takes a day and a half.

A 62% time savings.

The store manager is thrilled with the performance improvements the Max Pro has made for employees and the store. They now use the Max Pro to stock other items throughout the store.

The Max Pro works far better than how we were moving product before. It provides a better grocery stocking solution.”

Trent Bowman, Big R Store Manager

To help streamline grocery stocking shelves, moving products and more, discover Amigo motorized stock carts at

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