Handicapped Accessible Halloween

Whether you’re a parent working to make Halloween the best possible for your child, or looking for ways to make your Amigo work with a costume idea — we’ve put together a list [...]

Handicapped Accessible Beach Days

The beach isn’t always considered the most handicapped accessible activity. Soft sands can prove to be a challenge for those with mobility disorders. But with it being National Beach Day, [...]

Handicapped Accessible Phone Apps

As technology evolves and adapts, handicapped accessible phone apps do too. Individuals all over the world have a wide range of disabilities and needs. Smartphones have given them a tool right at [...]

Staying Busy During COVID

Life has changed for us all recently, there’s no doubt about that. Social distancing combined with health concerns has created additional challenges. Keep reading to see how some Amigo [...]

Amigo Maintenance Schedule

Keeping a routine of maintenance will help you get years of dependable operation out of your Amigo and keep you moving. Minimum maintenance will help prevent unnecessary repairs. The following [...]

Coloring Pages for Amigo Mobility

Feeling stressed? Download our Amigo Mobility coloring pages to help! Focusing on self-care is important for your mental health. Doing so can help push stress out of your head and helps focus on [...]