Four of the best accessible trails in U.S. national parks

Posted on Friday July 12, 2019

You can have amazing adventures with your Amigo and we want to make sure our Amigo friends know about great traveling ideas to stay active. From rolling through great wide open spaces to seeing alligators up-close, National Geographic lists four national parks in the U.S. that offer the best accessible trails.
Rough terrain and other unexpected barriers sometimes prevents people with walking limitations from exploring the natural wonders of our country. What some people don’t know is that many of our national parks make it entirely possible to have fun in the sun for a wide variety of ability levels.
Here are four of the best accessible trails in  U.S. national parks courtesy of National Geographic :

  1. Shark Valley, Everglades National Park: Located just 40 minutes west of Miami, this 15-mile loop in Everglades National Park is extremely Amigo-friendly.
  2. General Sherman Tree Trail, Sequoia National Park: This accessible trail in Sequoia National Park might be short, but the General Sherman Tree is at the end and is the world’s largest tree by volume. Situated between Los Angeles and San Francisco, It’s a “must see” if you’re going to California.
  3. South Rim Trail, Grand Canyon National Park: The Grand Canyon is one of Earth’s most spectacular sights and one of the most accessible. Many points along the South Rim Trail are well suited for Amigos.
  4. Pa’rus Trail, Zion National Park: Most states are lucky to have just one national park, but Utah has five. The most visited is Zion National Park (pictured above) in the southwestern part of the state, and with its popularity comes excellent access for those with walking limitations.

These four options are only a fraction of the many Amigo-friendly trails across America’s national parks. To learn more, check out the National Geographic website .

*Article credit National Geographic

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