Handicapped Accessible Beach Days

The beach isn’t always considered the most handicapped accessible activity. Soft sands can prove to be a challenge for those with mobility disorders. But with it being National Beach Day, [...]

Handicapped Accessible Phone Apps

As technology evolves and adapts, handicapped accessible phone apps do too. Individuals all over the world have a wide range of disabilities and needs. Smartphones have given them a tool right at [...]

Finding Your Amigo Owner’s Manual

If you are ever in search of your owner’s manual and can’t locate it, PDF copies can be viewed and downloaded from our website at myamigo.com/help-center/owners-manuals. Amigo Owner’s [...]

Seated Exercises for Amigo Users

During the winter months, staying active is not always as easy for Amigo Users as when the weather is warm. With the right routine, it is possible to get a full body working while in a seated [...]

Finding your Amigo Serial Number

Finding Your Amigo Serial Number – Where to Look When connecting with an Amigo customer service technician, he or she will ask for the serial number to look up specifics about your Amigo. [...]

Why Proper Amigo Seating Is Important

Some Amigo owners use their Amigo occasionally ­– when going to a store, visiting family, attending holiday activities and sporting events or participating in activities that involve a lot of [...]

Accessible Travel Tips for Amigo Users

Accessible Travel Tips for Traveling with a Power Operated Mobility Vehicle These accessible travel tips will help ensure a safe and enjoyable experience when traveling with your Amigo. Travel [...]

Handicapped Accessible Travel Equipment

Amigo Owner Helpful Tips Spring and summer are peak seasons to travel. If you have plans to travel soon, here are two handicapped accessible travel equipment items Amigo owners told us about that [...]