Customization is a unique distinction of Amigo brand products. Personalize your Amigo to meet your needs − you can have your Amigo painted any color that you would like! From custom colors to leg retainers and tube style handles, Amigo Mobility's customization department is able to add unique accessories to make your Amigo your own.

Below are a handful of examples of customization options for your Amigo mobility scooter. Click here for an informational brochure on customization, or contact us for more information.

RT Express Options

  • 3 inch shorter platform (38.5 inches)
  • Touchtron controller with power seat lift
  • Mini cloth and vinyl seat
  • Shimmed seat to make it flat (since the front tire/fork are larger)
  • 10-inch step
  • 2 inch longer front handle, unpainted to protect from paint damage

RD Options

  • Shabbat option
  • Dual oxygen tank holders
  • Crutch holder
  • Tilt-in-Space 
  • Wedge shaped seat cushion (higher in the front) 
  • Contoured high seat back 
  • Arm pads moved 3 inches forward 
  • Width adjustable lift-out leg retainers



Click here to learn how to add a custom color to your Amigo!

See the pictures above for a sneak peak of our most recent specialized Amigos.

Click the button below to visit our blog and learn more about unique Amigos we've built over the years!


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