Cruising with a Disability | Friendly Wheels | Issue 79

Posted on Thursday September 4, 2014

Cruising with a Disability

Friendly Wheels, Issue 79
September 2014

Guest post from Sally James for Mobility at Sea UK


Today, more and more cruise lines are giving serious thought to making cruise vacations something that anyone with a disability, whether minor or advanced, can enjoy to the best of their ability.


There are a good range of companies that will offer help, support and equipment to people with mobility challenges.


Making cruising accessible for all is an important issue, and being aware of whether vacationers will need amenities that might include hoists, commodes, shower chairs, wheelchairs and even scooters can make all the difference between simply having an “OK” vacation to experiencing an unforgettable trip of a lifetime. 


Many cruise liners now offer rooms for travelers with disabilities which can be as much as fifty percent larger, and often come equipped with hand rails or other amenities to make movement around the room much easier. Some cruise lines that offer accessible cabins include Celebrity CruisesCrystal CruisesDisney Cruise Lines and Princess Cruises.


If you’re a vacationer who needs access to a mobility POV/scooter, many operators will now let you take it on board, providing it meets their protocols for size and weight. 



However, it’s worth noting that if you are a wheelchair user, you should be OK to take your chair with you. If you are someone who simply requires a mobility device for the duration of the holiday because standing or walking for long periods of time on’t be feasible, you should check with your operator and get in touch with an experienced company who can provide one for rent for your vacation. 

Above all, the main thing to remember is that a disability should not restrict or disrupt your plans for a wonderful cruise vacation. You should be able to relax and enjoy the same as everyone else — forward planning and forethought will help make sure your time away is the best it can be. 

Click here for more helpful advice and information on the topic of mobility challenges and cruises for people with disabilities.

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