Jennifer Thieme Kehres of Amigo Mobility was recently featured on Fox Business for an interview with John Stossel about Government Healthcare Gone Wrong.


In the segment that aired December 15, Jean Csaposs demonstrated her Amigo POV/scooter that she has used for 33 years. “I can do amazing things with this scooter,” Csaposs said. “This, for me, is the only thing that I would ever want to have.”


Federal reports have shown that there is a 300 to 400 percent profit margin on power wheelchairs, whereas Medicare reimbursement does not even cover the supplier cost of many mobility scooters.

Medicare spent more than $650 million on power wheelchairs in 2010

6 out of 10 power wheelchairs are found to be medically unnecessary (2011 Office of Inspector General Report)

There are people who benefit greatly from power wheelchairs when they are medically necessary. However, while less than 3 percent of Medicare reimbursement for mobility equipment is spent on mobility scooters, nearly 70 percent is spent on power wheelchairs. This imbalance in spending would not occur if customer’s needs were a priority.


Kehres says, “We receive many calls from customers who want and could better use a mobility scooter, but only have the option of getting a power wheelchair which is more expensive for Medicare.”


Amigo Mobility wants to help people receive the best product for their needs while reducing the waste of tax payer dollars. For this to be accomplished, Medicare reimbursements must be adjusted and the current Medicare algorithm must be followed.


“The playing field is not level right now,” Kehres said.


To support the reduction of Medicare waste, please contact Jennifer Thieme Kehres at or 989-921-5015 to share your support or your experience with mobility scooters or power wheelchairs. Click here to also contact your local representative.


To learn more about Medicare abuse in the mobility industry, read the Saginaw News article Medicare-funded power wheelchairs create headache for Amigo Mobility by Kathryn Lynch-Morin


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