"Hometown Tours" Comes to Amigo Mobility

Friendly Wheels, Issue 112
July 2017

With Michigan State Senator Ken Horn.

At Amigo Mobility, we take tremendous pride in manufacturing all of our products here in the United States of America.


Since 1968, we've produced thousands of Amigo power operated vehicles at our headquarters in Bridgeport, Michigan. As we find ways to Improve Lives Through Mobility®, we also want to continue to make a positive impact in our local community.

Senator Ken Horn, who serves Michigan's 32nd State Senate District, took notice of this impact and paid a visit to our Bridgeport facility back in May. The visit was part of Sen. Horn's video series called "Hometown Tours" which documents his visits to various businesses in the Genesee and Saginaw areas.

"Al's story is a great example of the American dream," said Sen. Horn. "He started with nothing more than a blueprint in his garage and now we see his invention every time we run to the store."


Sen. Horn's visit consisted of a tour of the facility, interviews with various Team Amigo members, and a stop on the assembly line to help build an Amigo ValueShopper. Now, Sen. Horn can personally say he built an Amigo.

"I had the privilege of building the Amigo ValueShopper from start to finish," he said. "The ValueShopper is one of their most popular models. Luckily, I had some help from the folks who do this every day."

To conclude his visit, Sen. Horn interviewed Al and Beth Thieme to discuss Amigo's history, products and plans for the future. He also took time to thank them for the wonderful experience. "Not only does the Thieme family improve lives through mobility, they improve lives by being deeply involved in their community," Horn said. "I'd like to thank Al and Beth for welcoming us into their family business and their staff for showing us the production floor and how Amigos are built."

Check out Sen. Horn's "Hometown Tours" feature on Amigo Mobility!


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Making Life Easier Making


with Shelley Peterman Schwarz

If you're traveling with powered devices such as a cell phone, a tablet, or an Amigo, make sure you're able to charge your devices within easy reach.

Often times power outlets next to hotel beds, tables, and chairs are already taken by lamps, phones, or alarm clocks. A 20-30 foot extension cord will help you have power where you need it most -- if you have multiple powered items, a power strip may be helpful.

For more travel tips from Shelley, click here.



You Ask, We Answer

I love using my Amigo in my neighborhood in the summer. What is the best way to stay visible when using my Amigo outdoors?



With summer upon us, the Amigo Alert Light is a great option for Amigo owners who spend a lot of time outside. The Alert Light has an orange safety flag and a LED light that can be set as a solid glow or flashing strobe. The light attaches to the back of your Amigo, providing extra visibility on city sidewalks during both day and night. While crossing streets, always follow pedestrian traffic rules and wear reflective clothing.

Click here to order your own Alert Light!





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