Inspiring Accessibility

Friendly Wheels, Issue 45
November 2011

Featuring Amigo owner Katya Moore, Saginaw, Mich.


Katya Moore is the type of person who won't let anything hold her back.


She graduated sixth in her high school class, works two jobs and writes poetry. She also has cerebral palsy. Using an Amigo since the age of seven, Katya has adapted throughout her life making sure that nothing held her back.

Katya Moore and Al ThiemeWhile in school, Katya always kept up with her friends. She used her yellow Front Drive Amigo to play wheelchair basketball and dodgeball.

"In middle school, I went to a roller rink for the first time with friends and I didn't need to rent wheels. I had my own with my Amigo! We used to have a lot of fun," Katya says. "My friends used to hold on and form a line behind my Amigo to pull them around the rink."

From skating with friends to attending high school, Katya loved staying busy and being part of the action. She graduated from Buena Vista High School in Saginaw, Mich. and had a special lift to raise her up and down from the stage at graduation. After high school, Katya used her Amigo to take her to and from class at Saginaw Valley State University.

While working on her computer information systems degree, Katya worked at a WalMart store in Saginaw and has now been there for 10 years. Starting as a people greeter, Katya asked to be a cashier and inspired accessibility at the store; during a remodel five years ago an accessible cashier station, register 20, was installed especially for her. Thanks to Katya's inspiration, another cashier who uses a wheelchair is also able to use register 20.

Katya Walmart"It took a while to find work. I like being able to work and the environment at WalMart," Katya says. "My co-workers have been so good to me. I appreciate that WalMart gave me a chance and the opportunity to work."

Michigan Rehabilitative Services has supported Katya by assisting her in finding a job and with college. The national Rehabilitation Services Administration provides grants to states to help people with disabilities. These groups can help parents find the best school for children with disabilities, provide financial assistance for college and counseling to prepare people to enter the work environment.

Today, Katya is a full-time technical support representative at XO Communications in Saginaw while still working at WalMart part time. She lives independently and loves her two jobs.



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