Moving Forward

Friendly Wheels, Issue 105
November 2016

With Amigo employee Matt Feighner.

When adversity strikes, you can either stay put or move forward. For Amigo employee Matt Feighner of Lowell, Mich., staying put has never crossed his mind.


In February 2013, Matt sustained a severe spinal cord injury during a snowboarding accident.  The incident paralyzed his body from the chest down, rendering him a quadriplegic. At that moment, Matt knew he had an important decision to make -- stay put or move forward. "I've always had the mindset of forward momentum," Matt said. "I've always learned to keep pushing forward with a positive view in mind."


Matt did just that as he began his recovery process at the Mary Free Bed Rehabilitation Hospital. This involved relearning basic motor and mobility skills that he'd known his entire life.


In addition to having the right mindset, Matt attributes his successful recovery to the support of his family. "I was very fortunate to have a great support system through my family," Matt said. "Especially my mother, she was incredibly supportive and motivating through the whole process."


After three months of rehab, Matt left the hospital and moved forward with his everyday life. Today, nearly four years after his snowboarding accident, Matt's forward mentality still remains. "The experience has been a blessing, really to be where I am today and still be moving forward," he said. "I've been fortunate to be able to make a bad situation and turn it into something good and positive."


In the summer of 2015, Matt joined Amigo Mobility as a marketing assistant for the Grand Rapids Mobility Center.  With a passion for the mobility industry, Matt knew Amigo would be a perfect fit for him.


"I like working at Amigo Mobility because of the great employees I have the privilege of working with, the vast array of customers I get the pleasure of meeting and learning about the mobility industry in general each day," Matt said. "It's been an incredible opportunity to work with such a wonderful, compassionate, family owned company and I'm very grateful for that!"


Team Amigo is happy to have Matt part of the Amigo family, and we admire his passion to keep moving forward!




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