Always on the Go

Friendly Wheels, Issue 99
May 2016

With Amigo owner Cammy Prince of Okemos, Mich.

With the help of a new Amigo, Cammy Prince is always on the go.


Though Cammy has been a member of the Amigo family for nearly 20 years, last fall she became the owner of a shiny new red Amigo RD. After getting comfortable with her new ride, Cammy is liking the new style so far. "I especially like the new basket - it's more durable and bigger than previous ones I've had, "Cammy said. 


cb1b9c94-5b46-4615-b0fa-6b890bc6cc63.jpgAlong with many other activities, Cammy has worked at her local Target store for about 20 years. "I've been there so long, it's become part of my routine," Cammy said. To get from place to place, Cammy has used Michigan Transportation Services for the past nine years. 


"The drivers I've had are so nice and so helpful. They are always on time and very reliable, and they help me into the building when I get to work and open the door for me when I get home," Cammy said. "They are always there when I need them."


Michigan Transportation Service provides specialized transportation services, including vans with hydraulic lifts, raised roofs and accessible doors. They provide personalized door-to-door service, and family members and aids are welcome to ride also. 


Cammy also visits her local Michigan Athletic Club throughout the week to help her stay active, and works with a trainer during some of her workouts. Swimming is an activity she often looks forward to. "I can't walk without a walker, but when I'm in the pool I can walk freely," Cammy said. "It's a wonderful feeling."  


As she looks ahead to summer. Cammy is looking forward to spending lots of time at her parent's' cabin on Higgins Lake. "We spend a lot of time there in the summer, and it's very relaxing," Cammy said. We hope Cammy has a wonderful summer!


If you'd like to learn more about accessible transportation services near you, please visit the resources below: 



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