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Friendly Wheels, Issue 52
June 2012

With travelinwheels CEO Michell Haase and CareVacations representative Jennifer Alvarez

Renting mobility equipment can be a great way to help streamline your travels, no matter your destination.

How do you determine if renting is right for you? Michell Haase, Founder & CEO of, an accessible travel resource website, says "Typically, full-time wheelchair users have a unique setup to their chair, and are less apt to want to rent mobility equipment," Haase said. "However, manual wheelchair users who may fatigue on long distances are often interested in supplementing their own chair with a scooter."


If you only use a mobility device part time, renting is a perfect option for you. "Mobility equipment rental is really ideal for those who wish to use it on a part time basis and don't wish to deal with the risk of damage to their own equipment," Haase said.


If you decide to rent equipment such as a wheelchair, shower chair or oxygen concentrator, CareVacations is a great resource. When you rent through CareVacations, a delivery specialist will deliver and set up your mobility equipment prior to your arrival. When your stay is over, you simply leave your equipment in your room, and a CareVacations specialist will retrieve it. 


"We recommend making rental requests as soon as one knows their vacation is confirmed. Most clients make their rental arrangements approximately 30 days prior to their departure," said Jennifer Alvarez, a CareVacations representative. "Rental equipment is an extremely convenient and inexpensive way for travelers to preserve their own equipment. Travelers who have custom-designed equipment may opt to travel with their own equipment, however, CareVacations offers a wide range of mobility equipment to meet a variety of needs."

CareVacations also provides training for cruise line staff and travel agents to help them understand the unique needs of people with varying disabilities. When booking your vacation, ask if staff members have experience working with people with your type of disability. Trained staff will be better equipped to keep you safe and comfortable. Some resorts have taken the step to keep mobility equipment on hand as rentals for their guests. The Royal Resorts of Cancun and Riviera Maya in Mexico have Amigo POVs available to guests for daily or weekly rentals. These affordable rentals offer a great option for those who are looking to stay on the go!
The Royal Sands Cancun

Would you like to rent an Amigo POV for your next vacation? Contact Heather at Amigo at 800.821.2710 ext. 209 or for details and to reserve your rental. 

For more information: - 1.847.884.0000 

CareVacations - 1.877.478.7827

Royal Resorts - Contact Us

Amigo Mobility - 1.800.MY.AMIGO


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