Amigo Friendly Exercises

Friendly Wheels, Issue 88
June 2015

How to Improve Circulation and Lubrication in Joints


When it comes to knee stiffness and leg pain, sometimes a few simple exercises can make all the difference.

Swimming, accessible yoga and working out at a gym are some ways to reap the benefits of exercise. You can even work out while using your Amigo.

Below are four easy exercises you can try at home to release tension in the knees and increase blood flow to the legs and hips. Click here or on the video below for a demonstration of the exercises. Before performing a new exercise, it's important to consult your doctor.


KNEE-UPS for sore knees and hips:
Knee-ups increase mobility in the hip and promote knee flexion to relieve pain

AMIGO DANCE to increase range of motion:
The Amigo Dance will help if you're having trouble with turning around while seated

The following two exercises must be performed while the Amigo is in freewheeling mode -- be sure to return the Amigo to normal mode before resuming use.
SIDE SHUFFLE for tightness in inner thighs and knees:
The side shuffle creates lateral motion to improve side-to-side movement

BACK AND FORTH for tight quadriceps and calves:
Going back and forth on your Amigo while in freewheeling mode helps stretch tight leg muscles

We hope you can fit some of these exercises into your daily routine to reduce stress in your joints.
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