An Unforgettable Trip

Friendly Wheels, Issue 77
July 2014

With Amigo owner Jeanette Hagland


Beautiful views, rich history and the wonderful smell of fudge are a few of the many reasons Amigo owner Jeanette Hagland was anxious to take a trip back to Mackinac Island.

Finding accessible travel destinations is not always easy, but Jeanette will assure you, the popular Northern Michigan attraction provides access for all.


An Amigo owner since 1998, Jeanette's Amigo RD continues to stay right by her side and is always ready for her next adventure. A native of Lansing, Mich., Jeanette loves to travel and hopes to continue exploring Michigan and the rest of the country when she retires.


It had been more than 20 years since Jeanette had been to Mackinac Island, and her first with her Amigo. Once arriving in Mackinaw City, the accessible Starline ferry took her across the water onto Mackinac Island.


One of the highlights for tourists is the horse drawn carriage doug, which is the oldest and largest horse and buggy livery in the world. The narrated tour takes guests to the ageless sights on the island including the Grand Hotel, Fort Mackinac and Arch Rock.


Jeanette was pleased to find out that accessible carriages were available for the tour. A lift in the back of the carriage allowed her to easily get on and off the carriage and enjoy the beautiful sites of the island.


Jeanette explained her favorite part of the tour was at Fort Mackinac. "Being able to have lunch at the fort and watch the boats come and go was wonderful," Jeanette said. "The tour allowed me to be around all of the other tourists and enjoy the beautiful views, plus the food was excellent and reasonably priced."


One of the oldest attractions in the country, Mackinac Island ensures that all guests are able to enjoy their visit. "Even though I had my Amigo with me, I felt like I didn't miss a thing," Jeanette said. Thank you for sharing your stories and tips with us, Jeanette! 


Reservations can be made for the accessible carriage by calling 906.847.3307 or emailing at least 48 hours in advance. For more information on the accessible tours, click here.



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