Celebrate Every Day

Friendly Wheels, Issue 46
December 2011

Amigo owners - our source of inspiration

It is so rewarding for us to get to know our Amigo owners and follow their success stories. The drive and independent spirit of our owners reinforces our mission to Improve Lives Through Mobility®. The more we hear from our Amigo owners, the more we are inspired to live our lives to the fullest each and every day.

Since our Amigo owners inspire us in all that we do, we naturally turned to them when designing a tree for the annual Festival of Trees in Freeland, Mich. The Festival of Trees is an annual fundraiser for the non-profit Junior League. Trees decorated with unique themes were donated by members of the community, then raffled off to the public.

The name of the tree we submitted, "Celebrate Every Day," was inspired by a quote from Amigo owner Dr. Linda Mona, a veteran's affairs clinical psychologist and Amigo owner since 1981. We made wooden ornaments featuring quotes from Dr. Mona and other Amigo owners.

  • "Each day when I smile or laugh for any reason, I am grateful. There are so many tiny miracles throughout the day and I know I am lucky."
    - Vicki Bridges, Amigo owner since 1993
  • "What happens to you is not important; how you handle it is."
    - Ron Bachman, Amigo owner since 1980
  • "Disability may have a hold on us but we must NEVER let it take over who we are."
    - Shelley Peterman Schwarz, Amigo owner since 1983
  • "Take one day at a time. When the struggles come, don't be discouraged so easily. Keep doing what you're doing and soon it will pass."
    - Jill and Joy Procida, Amigo owners since 1985
  • "Play hard with what you've got, while you've got it."
    - Allan Buck, Amigo owner since 1982
  • "From the day I was born, the word can't has never been in my vocabulary."
    - Trisston Wright Burrows, Amigo owner since 1983

We encourage you to celebrate every day, and we pledge to do the same. 

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