My Amigo and Me

Friendly Wheels, Issue 1
February 2008

By: Vicki Bridges

I drove my car up and down the road twice, but could not see the numbers identifying the addresses. I was going to have to ask for help. I struggled with my walker to enter a restaurant thinking they would know of nearby businesses. The maitre d' asked if he could help me, and I said, "I'm looking for Amigo." 


He had a puzzled expression. "You're looking for a friend?"

Laughing, I said, "I'm looking for Amigo Mobility," and I showed him the address. His directions led me to my first Amigo.

Once at home with my new Amigo, I learned how to stop and start again, how to go turtle speed and rabbit speed, how to make narrow turns, and how to miss walls and furniture. It was all easy. Riding my Amigo on the sidewalk, my hair was actually blowing in the breeze for the first time in a year. It doesn't sound like much, but it felt liberating -- I was once again in control of my own mobility. I thought this was kind of fun, and I was ready to take my Amigo out and begin new adventures.

Vicki Bridges is a long time Amigo Owner. She lives in Texas and has two adult sons. Vicki has a bachelor's degree of journalism from the University of Texas and a master's degree in marketing management from the University of Texas at Dallas. Visit her blog "Down the MS Path" to read more about her experiences with MS and her Amigo.

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Supporting Families in Many Helpful Ways

Supporting Families in Many Helpful Ways

Friendly Wheels, Issue 123

August 2018


Amigo owners often share inspiring stories. From overcoming a mobility challenge to figuring out innovative ways to go to new places to helping people in their communities, the experiences they share never cease to amaze us.

In this edition of Friendly Wheels, we get to meet Shannon DeWall, JD, an attorney, wife, mother and community volunteer in metro Detroit. Learn more about her story below.

A Family's Story of Reclaiming Hope

A Family's Story of Reclaiming Hope

Friendly Wheels, Issue 122

July 2018

In a time of crisis, it may be reassuring to know that there is another family that's experienced a similar situation: the Shepherds. James Shepherd and his mother founded the Shepherd Center, a not-for-profit hospital located in Atlanta, Georgia specializing spinal cord injury rehabilitation, in 1975 in response to an accident James endured as a young man. Learn more about his family's inspiring story.

This Amigo Owner Adds a Little Magic

This Amigo Owner Adds a Little Magic

Friendly Wheels, Issue 121

June 2018

Carrie Rostollan, a longtime member of the Amigo family, recently visited our Bridgeport facility for the Amigo Mobility Center open house. She shared with us some of her upcoming summer plans and entertained us with her magic tricks! Discover more about Carrie's 'magical' adventures.

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