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Careers at Amigo

If you are looking for a dynamic work environment that embraces creativity and opportunity – Amigo is the right place for you.

Team Amigo

The Amigo culture defines who we are as a company, connecting the desire to help others that gave us our start, and the drive for innovation that moves us forward. Each day we collaborate, celebrate and respect one another as we stick to our mission of Improving Lives Through Mobility.

Find a better way. Do the right thing. Care for customers and co-workers like family. Look to the next 50. The collective spirit of our core values drives us in each aspect of our company. From empowering engineers to innovate the future of our products to celebrating your life’s biggest moments, Amigo remains a family business dedicated to caring for its most precious resource – you.

As an Amigo employee, you’ll be focusing on our business and our customers. Let us focus on what you care about the most – your health and well-being, your earning potential, your professional path forward, and time to breathe so you can enjoy life outside of work.

make your mark


Balancing work with school, family time, hobbies, etc. can be challenging. Amigo focuses on creating an environment that makes the balance a little easier to maintain. Flexible schedules when appropriate, birthdays off and maternity/paternity leave are a few examples of how we strive to create a positive blend.


Whether you’re engineering a new retail model, assembling it, selling it, marketing it or servicing it, your role is important. We’ve found that employees are happier if they feel valued – and mutual respect goes a long way, because satisfied employees mean satisfied customers.


The current Amigo building was once a residential home, and the welcoming atmosphere has remained within its walls. With open desk layouts, high tech equipment and mid-century touches, coming to work brings feelings of both comfort and professionalism that fosters collaboration.


What we create each day makes a difference in someone’s life. Amigo means friend but to some it is even more, it is a staple in their daily life. What we do each day helps to give more and more people mobility freedom.

Our beliefs


Caring for our planet remains a commitment through the products we make and the building we make it in. Each new product or practice has the obligation to lessen environmental impact.


Our supportive community is a large part of the reason we are who we are. Supporting local charities, nonprofits and other organizations is key to enriching those around us.


Al Thieme began as a plumber and saw a need for mobility. Technological, social and corporate innovation is not reserved for specific jobs, we value feedback and new ideas from everyone.


A well-balanced team requires well balanced individuals. Our employees bring a variety of backgrounds, experiences and perspectives that blend together with their teammates.


Our Amigo Culture (AC) team works year-round to plan many different types of events during work hours including, food trucks, potluck lunches, and holiday parties. After hours events include, bowling nights, Great Lakes Loons games, and golf outings to name a few.



Amigo offers competitive salary rates, retirement and insurance plans to keep the financial aspect of your life on track.


The talent you bring as a team member is a crucial resource to Amigo. Therefore, we continually encourage employees to grow in professional development and their technical skills.


We believe in the work hard play hard philosophy and encourage employees to take time to enjoy life outside work.


Health care benefits including dental, vision, and life are offered in the benefits package. In addition, employees receive a reimbursement for memberships to health clubs and fitness centers.

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