Creating an Accessible Raised Garden

It’s that time of year again when the tulips break through the soil and buds appear on tree branches. It’s time to start planning your summer garden! A accessible raised garden bed designed with [...]

Finding Your Amigo Owner’s Manual

If you are ever in search of your owner’s manual and can’t locate it, PDF copies can be viewed and downloaded from our website at Amigo Owner’s [...]

Post-Polio Success and Adventures

Bruce and Dianne Sachs, both polio survivors, are active Amigo owners. They serve on the Board of Directors for the Michigan Polio Network, of which Bruce is Chairman. They are cofacilitators of [...]

Seated Exercises for Amigo Users

During the winter months, staying active is not always as easy for Amigo Users as when the weather is warm. With the right routine, it is possible to get a full body working while in a seated [...]

Finding your Amigo Serial Number

Finding Your Amigo Serial Number – Where to Look When connecting with an Amigo customer service technician, he or she will ask for the serial number to look up specifics about your Amigo. [...]