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Posted on Friday December 11, 2020

Industrial use of power-operated vehicles has expanded greatly over the years. The greatest advantage of industrial people movers is the convenience and assistance they supply. Here at Amigo we have over a decades worth of experience manufacturing solutions that offer proper ergonomic benefits to our customers. Using solutions like our AT3 in daily work routines offer decreased physical strain and increased productivity.

Employees walking across facilities can easily add up to 3 – 5 hours of lost time over the week. When you’re adding multiple employees to that number it can mean a substantial amount of productivity lost.

Add in the wear it puts on even the healthiest employee over time and you could be looking at more problems. It just makes sense as to why many facilities are beginning to utilize one-person motorized scooters to move their personnel.

Are you looking for increased comfort, mobility and capacity? The AT3 just may be the ergonomic solution your business has been looking for.

The AT3 Provides Less Body Strain

Lower back pain and foot discomfort are common in industrial settings. The AT3’s ergonomic seat encourages proper posture in employees while getting them off their feet. (Whew!)

The handle is designed to be user friendly and with the user’s comfort in mind.

Convenient Time Saver For Your Facility

The AT3 provides lowered walking fatigue while offering quick access to your facilities demands. Win-win! Customer’s who have used the AT3 have seen the negative impact of walking reduced in their employees, along with increased productivity.

You’ll find the AT3 Easy to Use

Are you looking for reliable and easy navigation from site to site or plant to plant? Maneuvering the AT3 is a breeze. Using this Amigo product will safely get users where they’re going during any intra-facility transport. (With minimal training, anyone can drive it!)

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