Posted on Tuesday October 6, 2020

Toolboxes and maintenance carts can weigh hundreds of pounds.

Pushing maintenance carts from work sites through a facility is time consuming and can be difficult for the maintenance personnel.

We have a solution – Amigo material handling carts.

These mid-sized motorized material handling carts are more economical than a traditional motorized tugger or golf cart, and more efficient than walking with a maintenance cart.

At a 775k sq. ft. automotive manufacturing facility the Technical Support Supervisor said that instead of maintenance tricycles, he uses the Amigo Dex (foam filled tires). He now doesn’t have to worry about flat tires from metal debris like he used to with air filled tricycle tires.

“With the Amigo Dex, it is less stress on the employees, especially when they have to carry several tools for a job. Dex is safer because of its speed limit and all of the blind corners we have in the shop.”

Pictured is the Dex Pro+ being used as a maintenance cart.

Pros to using Amigo Carts as Maintenance Carts

Reduces Stress

Replacing maintenance carts with Amigo carts decreases body stress on employees because they do not have to push, pull or carry items.

Saves Steps

Amigo Material Handling carts minimize steps for employees.

Saved Time Equals Saved Money

Mid-sized material handling carts increase efficiency and time management by cutting a 60 minute process to as little as 10 minutes.

Faster Repairs

Repairs get done faster when utilizing an Amigo cart to transport your tools to repairs rather than walking.

Amigo Offers:

  • Economical mid-size solutions compared to current market prices
  • Distribution through local material handling dealers
  • Case studies showcasing our outcomes
  • Made in Michigan products with fast shipping of service parts

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