A Life of Adventure | Friendly Wheels | Issue 72

Posted on Friday February 7, 2014

A Life of Adventure

Friendly Wheels, Issue 72
February 2014

With Lorraine Sattelmeier


For Amigo owner Lorraine Sattelmeier, life was always been filled with adventure.

From life on the farm, to moving to New York, and then back to Michigan to write a book, Lorraine’s vast array of experiences have provided her with what she describes as “a blessed life.”


After being diagnosed with Polio at age three, Lorraine took part in an experimental treatment and therapy which provided relief from pain she experienced as a toddler. Growing up on a farm in Bay City, Michigan, Lorraine was never slowed down by her diagnosis. By age eight she was driving a tractor on the farm and helping the family in any way she could.


Her unique childhood sparked the idea to write a book of short stories. Titled Once Upon a Very Long, Long, Long Time Ago, Lorraine is putting the finishing touches on the first book and will soon send to be published.


Describing years of physical therapy, success in school and life growing up on the farm, the book is made up of more than 190 stories detailing Lorraine’s life up to the age of 14. Her goal for the book is to highlight a theme of enjoying life to the fullest.


Once published, Lorraine plans to start writing her second book, picking up at age 14 and continuing to tell the life tales that have led her to where she is today.


After marrying her husband Glen, a Lutheran Pastor, the couple spent time in New York before moving to Lewiston, Michigan. While there, Lorraine was a substitute preschool teacher, director of Vacation Bible School and served on the local school board.


Once again surprising doctors, Lorraine (standing at 5 feet tall) would go on to have triplet girls. Today, Lorraine has four grandchildren, which she spends a great deal of time with. She even started teaching Franconian German to her grandchildren.


She and her husband continue to be actively involved at St. John Lutheran Church, and Lorraine also sings solos for churches within the community. Always busy around the house, Lorraine is “so thankful” for all she is able to do with her Amigo.


“It allows me to be able to cook, clean, go shopping and babysit my grandchildren. With my Amigo, everything is possible and I am having the time of my life!”


Glen and Lorraine recently visited the Amigo manufacturing facility in Bridgeport, Mich. – click here or on the photo below to see them sing an “Amigo Song.” We hope you can visit again soon!



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