57 Years in 248 Pages | Friendly Wheels | Issue 100

Posted on Thursday September 3, 2015

57 Years in 248 Pages

Friendly Wheels, Issue 100
June 2016

With Amigo owner and author Jack Jensen

For Jack Jensen, squeezing 57 years into 248 pages was no small feat.



As a retired police sheriff, war veteran, family man and author, Jack has plenty of interesting stories to share. “I’m a talker,” Jack said. “I’ve always wanted to speak to groups of people about my experiences.” At 85 years old in fall 2015, Jack put his life experiences to paper in a self-published book called “57 Years.”


The book shares Jack’s most memorable experiences, starting with his childhood in Albert Lea, Minn. Though he later became a rule-enforcer as an adult, Jack rarely followed them as a child.


“I was a quasi-delinquent,” he recalled. “I never took school too seriously. I probably set the record for skipping the most days of school.” At age 15, Jack moved to Detroit, Mich. He joined the high school swim team, which encouraged him to attend school or else be ineligible to compete. “I missed just one day of school after joining the team,” Jack said.


Once he completed school, Jack enlisted in the U.S. Army, which he pinpoints as a significant time in his young career. “The whole army experience just settled me in,” Jack said. “It gave me a level of structure I didn’t have growing up.”


Shortly after serving in the army, Jack began his law enforcement career with the Detroit Police Department. His time in Detroit spanned over 25 years, earning him police sergeant rank and a role as the police commissioner’s aide. Jack’s book digs into several remarkable moments such as the 1967 Detroit Riots, the 1972 Democratic Convention and an encounter with President Jimmy Carter. 



After retiring from the Detroit Police Department, Jack and his family moved to Caseville, Mich. Though he served as county deputy sheriff, most everyone in town referred to him as Uncle Jack. “When I moved to Caseville, I told everyone that if they ever needed anything, just call Uncle Jack,” Jack said. To this day, Jack is still well known and greatly respected in the Caseville area. 


Above all else, Jack is a family man. He raised seven children and three grandchildren, and has been married to his wife, Karen, for 21 years.


We are grateful to have Jack in the Amigo family, and we look forward to hearing his stories for years to come! To purchase Jack’s book on Amazon.com, click here




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