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Celebrating 25 Years of Change | Friendly Wheels | Issue 78

Celebrating 25 Years of Change

Friendly Wheels, Issue 78

August 2014

With The ADA Legacy Project


With more than 45 years in the mobility business, Amigo has witnessed first-hand the positive effects of the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA).

An Unforgettable Trip | Friendly Wheels | Issue 77

An Unforgettable Trip

Friendly Wheels, Issue 77

July 2014

With Amigo owner Jeanette Hagland


Beautiful views, rich history and the wonderful smell of fudge are a few of the many reasons Amigo owner Jeanette Hagland was anxious to take a trip back to Mackinac Island.

Walk This Way | Friendly Wheels | Issue 76

Walk This Way

Friendly Wheels, Issue 76
June 2014

With Amigo owner Ron Bachman


"Before you can be good to anyone else, you have to first find comfort and acceptance in the mirror."